Fitness And Weight Loss Blog
14.02.2013 14:43

Pick Yourself Up and Keep Moving - When Weight Loss Isn't Linear

We'd all love it if we started losing weight and the pounds simply melted off, week after week. Unfortunately the truth is that most people will gain weight on occasion. Whether it's because you had several events to go to in the same week, or you simply didn't exercise as much as you would have liked, the weight gain is much less detrimental the your long-term health than beating yourself up over it.

When you let yourself get upset about one week of weight gain, you can easily get yourself into a mental funk that prevents you from getting back on track. The stress can take its toll and before you know it you're throwing away the results you've seen – all because of one week. The key is to brush yourself off, look at how you went off the wagon, and identify how you can prevent yourself from doing it in the future.


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